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Why have a bog and what is a blog?  The contemporary definition is it is an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called a weblog and a web log.

Our busyness makes us even busier – why? and what to do

09 December 2018

When we’re busy and stressed, we can fall into bad behaviors. Four common traps are: We keep ploughing away when she should take a step back and prioritize. We overlook simple solutions because stress has created tunnel vision. A third common trap is we avoid setting up systems that would help us save time in […]

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Is business coaching helpful?

29 October 2018

First, what is a business coach?  I like to think of it as a sports coach. Sometimes you love them, and other times you hate them! Why? Because we challenge your thinking, goals and willingness to grow. … When the going gets tough, we get tougher. But we are your “go-to-person”.  We are your confidant, your […]

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Business Tips for making business plans useful

25 September 2018

Business Planning! We spend a lot of time thinking about, and writing about our business – but how many of us actually do anything about it?  Here are some useful tips that might help. Figure out where you are going i.e. make more money, build an empire, exit strategy, etc. Use your “gut” to identify where the […]

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Business Propel Infographic

20 August 2018

The most important driver for any business plan is EXECUTION, EXECUTION, EXECUTION.  Or more succinctly getting things done!!  See the infographic to see how using Business Propel helps to identify the weaknesses in your business, using the health check functionality.   Once the gaps are identified, as your coach we work with you to customise detailed […]

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2018 Rotorua Chamber CE Annual Report by Allison Lawton

16 August 2018

As I write my second report, many things have progressed. The first notable change was my move from the interim, to the permanent Chief Executive. This was an easy transition providing the opportunity to drive a range of positive initiatives consolidating the chamber’s strategic position. Success is achieved when there is a united vision and […]

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This is not fake news:  Business planning is absolutely critical for success

30 July 2018

Business planning is an essential precursor to undertake for any venture.  It helps you achieve the vision you have for the business. It is a critical tool in developing a roadmap that plots how your business intends to achieve its goals from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint.  A business plan turns abstract goals into concrete operational […]

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Continual improvement is possible: My Story – Waiariki School of Business & Tourism

17 November 2017

I found myself in a new industry, tertiary education at the Waiariki Institute of Technology.  I was appointed as a 2nd tier manager responsible for academic staff, course content, improving student results across the business and tourism disciplines. Qualifications ranged from L2 to L7 (degree).  How was I going to create an environment for continual […]

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Why visualise performance?

13 November 2017

How many of us read our 40-page business plan after it has been written?  I expect none of us do, unless we are the author, or we are the CE. There are many stories I can recount where we have gone looking furiously for our plan; found it – blew off all the dust and […]

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Strategic thinker called to tourism

16 April 2016

The daily post editorial about Allison Lawton, Director, and her career journey A key turning point in Allison Lawton’s career came in her mid-20s when she was sponsored to do a 24-day Outward Bound course by her then employer, Housing New Zealand (HNZ). “I didn’t actually think it was a big deal at the time,” […]

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Why Are Internal Business Systems Important To Our Customers?

08 April 2016

Customers are central to business, and internal processes are integral to ensuring a satisfactory experience. Internal processes are the second perspective of the Balanced Scorecard, developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, Harvard Business School, in the 1990s. The business model is really simple – develop a product customers want, tell customers about your product, […]

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Balanced Scorecard

How to Create High Performing Teams

08 March 2016

In this article we will discuss the learning and growing perspective which is the foundation perspective of the Balanced Scorecard, developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, Harvard Business School, in the 1990s. Are staff really the most important asset? Everyone agrees staff are the most important assets in our businesses – right? But how […]

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Proven Ways to Improve Performance and Maintain Results

12 February 2016

Over the coming year we’ll look at a proven management framework known as the “Balanced Scorecard” and because it is a hefty framework we’ll focus on one perspective or platform for each article. This article will introduce you to the concept. A lot has been written about balanced scorecards and there are various organisations and/or […]

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AVID Business Consultants

Performance Metrics and what they can tell you about your business

23 May 2015

Measuring performance goes hand-in-hand with annual business planning, feeding into strategic thinking and longer-term projects. Performance metrics are measurements used to provide clarity about how well your business is performing. They include familiar metrics such as gross profit, net profit, debtor days, stock turnover etc. But how many of us actually use this information in […]

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Business planning….does it matter?

19 May 2015

 Business planning, strategic planning, planning for planning . . . the question is, who cares? Should you care? And if so, why? Many successful business people do no planning. They simply have a passion, a belief in their business and get on with “doing” the business. Great – but how do you know you have […]

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