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AVID’S 360 Business Process Mapping & Management Model

We work in a ‘partnering and shared responsibilities way’ to ensure capability is retained within your organisation.  Our team draws on extensive senior business process mapping, management and chief executive experience.  We help you identify and deliver value with pace, certainty and strategic agility. Contact AVID today.

360 Business Process Mapping & Management Model:

Build Strategic Leadership AVID provide leadership mentoring and expertise to help you develop and translate strategic plans into measurable performance.

Build Customer Loyalty AVID provide best practice in customer service delivery, including technology solutions, that help you measurably improve customer loyalty.

Build Business: Financial Acumen AVID provide financial insight into systems, analysis and reporting that help you measurably improve their financial competence.

Develop Employee Vibrancy: Learning & Development AVID educate on recruitment, retention, staff management and performance systems to assist you improve your HR knowledge and measurably improve staff engagement and capability.

Build Better Systems: Internal Processes AVID’ effective process mapping and expertise helps raise all business functions to improve strategic productivity and measurably improve performance.

Build Profile & Product: Marketing Competitiveness AVID have experienced marketing advisers for marketing strategies, social media and tactics to help you measurably improve reach, range and marketing return.


Balanced Scorecard Model & Process Mapping
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AVID’S Other Services:

Business Valuation: Sharing Your Performance Story AVID can work with you to improve the way you evaluate, assess and report. Whether it be to internally assess service performance, or report to external agencies to demonstrate the benefit or value of your work, AVID can coach, support and guide you on how to be more effective.

Interim Leadership Outsourcing Drawing on extensive chief executive and senior management experience, AVID can be outsourced to fulfil short-term senior leadership roles.

AVID use 3 main drivers as your marketing advisor and business mentors:

1. Strong strategic management experience.

2. Constantly reviewing the way things are done.

3. Utilising the Balanced Scorecard to:

  • develop strategic direction
  • drive execution of strategy
  • grow marketing competitiveness
  • build customer loyalty
  • develop employee vibrancy resulting in positive culture change
  • be strong in financial acumen, adding top and bottom line growth
  • develop cross-functional business improvements

The origins of the Balanced Scorecard

The AVID consulting model is an integrated model based on the Balanced Scorecard, of which AVID have been practitioners for 12 years.

What is the Balanced Scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard was developed in the early 1990s at the Harvard Business School by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.  In short, it’s a management system that enables organisations to set, track, and achieve key business strategies and objectives. After the business strategies are developed, they are monitored through the four segments of the Balance Scorecard.

As outlined by Paul R. Niven in his book Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step “The profoundly simple, yet disciplined approach of the Balanced Scorecard allows an organisation to execute its strategy and balance the historical accuracy and integrity of financial numbers with the drivers of future success by developing performance measures in four interrelated perspectives:  financial, customer, internal processes, and employee learning and growth.  Used as a strategic management system, the Balanced Scorecard provides real-time learning about an organisation’s strategy and what is necessary to successfully compete in today’s business environment.”

Why use the Balanced Scorecard?

AVID believe in today’s business environment, managers need an integrated, visual model that ensures they are focused on the key business drivers, while reporting on quantitative results to make better long-term decisions.

AVID’S model contains six segments spanning six distinct business perspectives:

  • Develop Employee Vibrancy
  • Build Better Systems
  • Raise Product and Profile
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Financial
  • Building Strategic Leadership
Balanced Scorecard
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