Management Consulting

Our workflow consultant & process analyst team work between sectors.

The AVID management consulting team have significant commercial experience, which therefore means we understand the drivers that make businesses successful. Our pragmatic real world experience is also supported by the Balanced Scorecard framework. The framework is a management system that facilitates organisations to set, track and achieve key business strategies.

By using the Balanced Scorecard system we also help you to achieve your vision with effective strategies, measurable outcomes and finally, high performing teams.

Simplify. Streamline. Empower: Our management consulting team help to draw out people’s strengths and consequently equip existing teams to meet their objectives.

Management Consulting for SMEs

Corporates and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Achieve healthier workplace cultures and more engaged and healthy employees with the AVID approach. We help you invest in the right actions, and also see both the short and long term revenue opportunities.

AVID is a Registered Service Provider with Accelerate Success, Regional Business Partner Network, under the Management Capability Development Scheme. This means improving your business could maybe qualify for a subsidy.

Management Consulting for Government & Local Agencies

Government (central and local government agencies)

Achieve better social, environmental and economic outcomes. Cost effective, high value social, environmental and economic outcomes can usually be achieved through strategic, common-purpose partnerships. Well-aligned and mediated partnerships between organisations and industries are invariably beneficial.  They can likely be the key to more empowered and satisfied constituents, as they participate more proactively and continue to forge the future of their community and environment.

AVID is a Registered Service Provider with the Accelerate Success, Regional Business Partner Network, under the Management Capability Development Scheme.

Management Consulting for Iwi

Iwi Organisations

Building on the leadership, strength and innovation of our tipuna who navigated the world, traded internationally, owned factories, attended prestigious universities and constantly innovated in the early 1800s, is the aspiration of today. Building strong leadership will develop true tino rangatiratanga for future generations. Equipping your people with the right knowledge, competence and confidence will consequently enable them and your operations and resources to deliver. Efficient and effective strategy above all helps meet your people’s social, environmental and commercial aspirations.

AVID is an MBIE approved commercial advisor to work with collectives as outlined in the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment “He Kai Kei Aku Ringa”.

Management Consulting for Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise and Not For Profit

The need to deliver on your important social or environmental mission is often the ultimate goal of your organisation. Though non-profit, you will probably want to employ commercial strategies and thinking in the effective utilisation of your organisation’s resources. We can also help you maximise your resources and capability by stretching the thinking and talent from governance to front-line staff.

AVID is a Qualified Capability Mentor for the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).