Business Tips for making business plans useful

25 September 2018

Business Planning! We spend a lot of time thinking about, and writing about our business – but how many of us actually do anything about it?  Here are some useful tips that might help.

  • Figure out where you are going i.e. make more money, build an empire, exit strategy, etc.
  • Use your “gut” to identify where the weaknesses are in your business and focus in that area i.e. Are  we losing money because the pricing methods are unclear?
  • Develop a Goal i.e. Optimise revenue 
    • Develop a Strategy i.e. Review the pricing policy
      • Create Actions i.e.
        • 1. Locate the pricing policy document
        • 2. Review the policy content
        • 3. Identify gaps
        • 4. Workshop required policy and procedures etc….
  • The absolute nugget in all of this is to develop an ACTION PLAN driven down from the bigger thinking.  The action plan includes the Goal, cascading down to Strategy, folding down to specific tasks/actions, who is doing it, by when and the completed date against each action. There will be a number of strategies sitting under the overarching goal
  • Finally and importantly, review the action plan weekly to ensure the “stuff” is getting done which is what will get you from “thinking” to “actualising” your business plan and ultimate vision.

Using the Smart Online Tool, we work with you to develop your action plans, to get the right things done at the right time. As actions are completed, the dashboard tracks progress across the business and can be viewed in real time, at any time.

The entire process is supported by an experienced AVID coach who will work with you to achieve your business goals.